About the Artist

BJoan Banksorn to a registered nurse and an accountant, and raised in the safest of mid-century suburbs, I always had a pulsating personal hunger for art in my life. While growing up, I studied piano, dance, flute and voice. Experiencing theatre, concerts and museums had a larger-than-life and delicious impact that whetted my appetite for a future in the glory of art.

Along the way, this urge was first fulfilled by ceramics, making coil vases in many styles. This led to ceramic jewelry, which was part of the new “Wearable Art“ craze in the ’90s.

I sold to better women’s clothing stores.  The kick for me was matching colors.  It became a fun challenge.  The store owner would walk me through their new collections and tell me what pieces were needed.  I would then, from memory, create abstract earrings and necklaces painted to match. Upon delivering the order, the colors would match perfectly.  This was a “knack” I seemed to have with color.

At the time I was offered opportunities for manufacturing my jewelry line but had the notion that each piece HAD to be done by hand.  I deeply wanted my hands on everything I produced.  I chose to pursue a route where this would be possible.

This was my pivotal moment. My wonderful husband had a connection to a top Disney animator. Through him, my opportunities were catapulted into a realm of expansion that has defined who I am as an artist today.

I worked in Feature Animation at Disney Studios for 10 years. While there, I worked in the Ink and Paint department, becoming a proficient “flat painter” and inker. The fine art of inking for Disney has the fluidity of a tai chi master. Pulling a line with finesse is almost a zen experience. The exact pressure for thickening the line to tapering instilled in me a peace for subtle gesture.

At the same time, all Disney employees were afforded any art class that was offered, and they were plentiful. I studied drawing from masterful animators, animators who were responsible for creating the iconic Disney animated classics. I gained the most experience and growth in the biweekly, live-model sculpture classes, delivered by masterful sculptor and professor of art, Ron Pekar. Disney animators, Imagineers and architects brought and shared skill sets from which I am still learning today.

The basics of form and scale were natural to these artists. Because animators work and excel in extreme poses, the gestures and emotion were easily discernable, from the “quick sketch” to longer studies. I came to understand that it was a well-placed minor adjustment that infused the piece with life.

These classes taught me that each artist has a distinct style and emanation point of view, and how this develops into each artist’s unmistakable voice.

It took years for me to realize the breadth of education that I had been given as part of this esteemed environment. It helped me to develop my own voice, on which I have come to have very definite views.

My art could generally be executed digitally. However, personal execution imbues each piece with spirit. There is a palpable humanity in hands-on work. My efforts for precision bring a standard. When someone “feels” my art, I believe it is because I have created a spiritual effect on them through the use of artistic tools.

The dinner tastes better when made with love!

Life is vast and full of aspirations. My wish is to enhance your life with art in a way that contributes to yours.

With love,